Allied Stem Cells is a wholesale distributor of premium medical grade Umbilical Cord Stem Cell products.

We offer Stem Cells from Cord Blood (CB) and the Wharton’s Jelly (WJ) of the umbilical cord and Amniotic Fluid and Tissue. Our cells are sourced from donated umbilical cords and the byproducts of the birthing process from healthy full term deliveries, so they are non-controversial and not fraught with the ethical concerns that are associated with Human Embryonic Stem Cells.

Our product vials contain the highest number of viable (live) Stem Cells as verified by an independent third party laboratory. They are easy to use, of the highest quality and tested to adhere to all Cord Blood Bank Standards.

Our products are 100% manufactured in the US in Orange County California by a global research-based biotechnology company with over 15 years of product development experience.

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360 East 1st Street #597, Tustin, CA 92780

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